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What to do in your garden this month

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Like the adage says, “In like a lion, out like a lamb”. March can be an odd month in the northern states and Canada. You can get the sense that Spring is on her way, and then blam, a snowstorm comes and it’s straight back to Winter.

So it may seem there’s not a lot you can do to prep for the garden season when there’s still the threat of nasty weather ahead. But there’s plenty to prepare indoors and as soon as the ground thaws, lots of prep work you can do to ensure a luscious garden this Summer.

Early March

1. Early March is the time to plant seeds. A warm, sunny window ledge is all you need for your seedlings to get a solid start. Experts say that “Pinching” your seedlings can help your plants grow thicker and fuller. Just use your fingertips to snip off the top of a seedlings stem right above the point where a leaf connects. Don’t remove the leaves, just that top stem.

2. Re-pot orchids and other houseplants before they start into active growth again.


3. Pot rooted cuttings of tender perennial plants taken last summer.

potted seedlings

Later in March

1. Clean off any green mold or slime from decks and patios. Use a power washer or a spray with a solution of 10% bleach if there are stains.

2. If the ground is thawed, it’s the perfect time to dig in some well-rotted manure

3. If thawed, you can edge the lawn and prepare it for some over-seeding by top-dressing and fertilizing

4. Prune roses to encourage strong new growth. Remember to wear Dig It Handwear® gardening gloves to protect from thorns.

5. Plant hardy plant herbaceous perennials. Lift and divide established perennial plants now to improve their vigour and create new plants for your garden.

There’s plenty to do in the early spring if you time it just right, and like any project, good preparation is the key to success.

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