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2 New Ways To Up Your Suncare Game (That Aren’t SPF)

Posté par Maureen Clifford le

Sunscreen is going through a major glow-up. From sunscreen-serum hybrids to SPF that doubles as makeup, these new formulas actually make you *want* to reapply. In Bustle’s Suncare Week, we’re doing a deep dive on the latest innovations in sun-care, from textures to technology.

Using sunscreen everyday is one of the most important skin care rules out there. It’s not just your best protection against skin cancer; consistent usage is also one of your top allies in the battle against other skin concerns, such as fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and acne. And while I strive to make SPF my first skin care priority, I can admittedly get lax with equally important things like remembering how often I need to reapply sunscreen and checking my moles for signs of skin cancer.

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