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Upcycled Thanksgiving Décor

Posté par Allison Pezzack le

There are so many beautiful things about Fall. Of course, the colorful leaves are one. But there are so many other pretty shapes and colors in your garden at this time of year, and they can all be used to craft Thanksgiving decorations.


Here are a few ideas that we at Dig It® love!

Thankful wreath

 Thanksgiving wreath with notes and garden gloves

A dollar-store wreath makes a sentimental indoor Thanksgiving decoration and it’s easy to get the kids involved, too.

Each family member can write (or be helped to write) a couple of  “I’m thankful” messages. Hang the tags on your wreath, and add other seasonal décor, like little bunches of herbs, painted acorns or brightly colored leaves. Decorate with a string of battery operated LED lights, if you want a bit of added sparkle!

 centrepiece made with stemware and flowers, with candles and ball decor

How simple and beautiful is this idea for a quick centrepiece?

Just pluck a few heads from your colorful fall mums (or use artificial dollar-store flowers) and pop them under stemware to create a faux bell cloche. On a pretty tray, this display can brighten a table or buffet and it takes only a few seconds. You can even put a tealight on top of the base to turn them into unique candlesticks. 

Happy Thanksgiving, all

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