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Top 10 ways to keep perspective & de-stress as we navigate physical distancing and Covid19.

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As a mom of 3 young children with a fast-paced career, I gave up the “rat-race”, “corporate treadmill”, “golden handcuffs” (pick your expression) to choose to live a life on my terms.

I started Dig It Apparel in 2009. I took the stress of a 9-to-5 away and reinvented myself with the goal of the ability to have daily flexibility to be present with my family. I began this venture in 2009 without the full understanding at the time, how deep that recession would be and last. What I did know is that many women including myself wanted and needed to find grounding in DIY and gardening hobbies. These pursuits allowed women to connect with nature, be outside and find comfort in physical work. Which was exactly the same urges and needs I felt. My stresses lifted when my garden unfolded with instant gratification creating beauty around me with nature’s gifts. I then took it further I started to Dig It knowing I couldn’t be the only woman that felt this way! My company not only survived the recession but grew from being run out of my kitchen to a thriving international business.

As our world continues to struggle through these past weeks, I began to feel tentacles of long-forgotten feelings, ghost-like memories rising like vague dreams and stresses that felt reminiscent from 10 years ago. I’m a strong believer in listening to the inner voice that continues to nudge you. While I’m was in my home office in many virtual video meetings with my team, I felt the very strong urge to go back to what helped me 10 years ago when I started Dig It to go outside, hunkered down beside the garden and just being one with nature. The pull to work the earth, smell the grass-shoots emerging, see the flowers poke through the earth as I clear away Fall’s leaves, feel the sunshine, combine together to provide me calm strength.

We will emerge and grow as we progress through this time. Just like the Spring flowers bloom around us, this extraordinary time in history will also unfold and reshape what our world will look like.

Here are my top 10 ideas to help keep perspective and de-stress as we navigate this extraordinary time of Covid19, and physical distancing.

1. Remember to do things you enjoy and most importantly, take the time to do them

2. Get moving. Its been proven that feel-good endorphins are released by physical activity

working out with weights

3. Laugh out loud

4. Rest and take a break. Take time to ensure you find a balance that can support you physically as well as psychologically.

5. Connect virtually! Physically distancing need not be socially isolating. Socially connect with others you may not have touched base with recently and possibly reconnecting emotionally with others.

6. Be patient with yourself and others. Everyone right now is faced with unique stresses and we can’t know what someone else is experiencing.

kids jumping on the bed


7. Live in gratitude. Enjoy the little things that can make up the fabric of our current life

mom kissing babies head

8. Recognize opportunities. With every change that occurs comes opportunities that may not have presented before

9. Control what you can and let go of what you cannot.

10. Keep perspective. Together as a community far and wide we will come out the other side.

Claudia Harvey, CEO Dig It Apparel 2020

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