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Simplify for a Merrier Christmas

Posté par Allison Pezzack le

It’s easy to get “wrapped up” in the frenzy of the holiday season! If only we could make things easier and less stressful, right?

A great way to simplify your holiday season is to stop and think about your memories of Christmases past. Your happiest memories of the season? Make those the activities that you work hard to make special. Conversely, think about what stresses you out WAY TOO MUCH, and ditch it! Just don’t!

Here are a few things that stuck around, year after year, for the Women of Dig It. Feel free to adopt these traditions as your own.


 A Christmas Angel gift exchange is a great way to cut down on the expense of gift-giving and to teach the little ones about giving and sharing.

Angel Gift Tag hanging on a christmas tree

Here’s how we do it… Write the name of each member of your family on a Christmas gift tag, along with an age and gender for a toy for a child in need.

Each person in your family chooses a tag at random and then buys one gift for the family member on the tag, and another toy for the child. That toy is then donated to a toy drive. Set a budget for each gift, and of course, take the children out to choose the gifts they’ll be giving.




Themed stockings are SO much fun. You can choose a theme for everyone to follow or fill each person’s stocking with gifts that are all about their favourite hobby. For instance, for the gardening enthusiast, fill their stocking with gadgets, seeds and, of course, Dig It Handwear or High 5 gloves.

Christmas stocking with a pair of women's gardening glovesFor a family, musical themed stockings, filled with candy whistles, bazookas and harmonicas can inspire hours of laughter…just TRY playing Hark the Herald Angles on a candy flute!

 Christmas stocking with women's utility gloves

We hope your holiday season brings you and your family peace and joy, and that at least one woman on your list is getting a pair of Dig It Handwear gloves!!


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