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Easter and Passover Centerpieces

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Easter and Passover both share the tradition of a meal shared with family, friends and loved ones. Because both holidays fall at the beginning of Spring, they present a wonderful opportunity to bring some of the fresh young greens and sweet young blossoms into your table décor. Adding the ubiquitous eggs (traditional in both holidays) is a lovely way to celebrate both the approach of Spring and your families holiday traditions.

This centerpiece is so simple, you’ll want to re-create it for every season. We love the idea of using mini daffodils or Hydrangea! Paired with some bright white eggs (hard boil them first) and a few sprigs of either a flowering shrub or if you can’t find that, forsythia ad texture and depth. With this design, you can always mix in some artificial flowers. The key that makes it all work so well together is the pretty white bowl or twig wreath.

A sweet idea for a children’s table

Fill eggshells with a cluster of violas and set them in a plain cardboard egg carton. Once dinner is done, you and the kids can plant the violas in the garden and enjoy them for the rest of the Summer.

Fill tumblers or stemless wine glasses with candy eggs and tuck a few peonies and daffodil stems between the eggs. The pastel colours of the eggs and flowers make a pretty centerpiece that’s perfect for an Easter brunch. Remember, some flowers are toxic to humans so DON’T EAT THE EGGS unless you choose edible flowers like roses or violets. Here’s a link to a page that lists edible flowers.


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