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3 Ways to Engage your Customers

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Amazon might have sold enough running shoes this past holiday season to run around the globe 18,603 times, but that doesn’t mean in-store shopping is dead. In fact, retail is one of the only shopping experiences that can elicit emotions, and customers want that personal touch.

But in the fast-paced environment of omnichannel retail and increasingly tech-savvy customers, it isn’t always easy to know how to reach your customers on their terms. Are they looking for a big flashy display? Do they want to connect with you online? If you’re struggling to engage your customers, here are three things that can help: 

  1. Create attractive displays and merchandising

 Ultimately, the success of a display or merchandising is how many new sales it generates. But to get there, you have to have a strong understanding of the psychology of how and why people make purchases.

A beautiful, eye-catching display is your opportunity to tell customers why your in-store experience is unique. It is a first impression, and customers will make a purchase decision based off of how it makes them feel.

Here are some ideas for elevating your display and merchandising to better engage your customer: 

  • Use bright, brand-appropriate colors and an uncluttered layout to draw in the eye.
  • Include a call-to-action: tell your customers to try on a sample pair of DigIt Handwear, taste-test the latest flavor of a particular product, or ask a sales associate for help finding exactly what they’re looking for.
  • Keep it looking fresh: A well-maintained and regularly rotated display will show customers that you take pride in the products you sell.
  • Highlight the unique features and benefits of the product. For example, the industrial design patent pillow top protection in each finger-tip of the Dig It Gloves.
  1. Deliver impeccable customer service

According to mobile solutions firm DMI, 77 percent of US shoppers use their smartphones while in store to help them make a purchase. They’re reading reviews, checking out a brand’s reputation and comparing price, all while standing next to your displays. 

However, a personal touch can go a lot further than a few taps on a mobile screen, if done correctly. In fact, 40 percent of customers say that sales associates with deep knowledge make their shopping experience more enjoyable.

In-store helpfulness and responsiveness is essential to deliver a complete experience to your customer that goes beyond just “satisfactory.” Customer service has the opportunity to wow, so hire the best associates you can find and incentivize them to treat every customer like a VIP.

  1. Engage your customers on social media

Your customers are using social media to talk about their favorite (and least favorite) brands, so if you’re not part of that conversation, you’re missing a huge opportunity to connect.

67 percent of customers expect retailers to have a consistent view of them as a customer, no matter if it is in person or online. And 75 percent are more likely to make a purchase if the brand or retailer knows them by name. 

Social media is your opportunity to make these connections, and build a relationship with customers that goes beyond a single channel. Using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other networks to connect to customers can build deep relationships that can result in not only a single sale, but a lifetime of loyalty.


The world of retail has never been more exciting. Smart retailers are embracing technology, empowering sales associates and creating stand-out displays to deliver a customer experience that encourages purchases, brand loyalty and repeat business.

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